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Casablanca Souk

Casablanca Souk Moroccan Exfoliation Kessa Glove Mitt

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Reveal Flawless Skin: Enhance your skin's radiance with the 100% natural exfoliating glove from Casablanca Souk. Achieve deep cleansing and rejuvenation by removing dead skin cells, reducing blackheads, acne, and roughness. Even out your complexion, diminish bumps, and stimulate blood circulation for enhanced regeneration and elimination of ingrown hair. Indulge in the luxurious experience of a Moroccan Hammam at home with this traditional Kessa Glove! Inspired by authentic Moroccan skincare traditions, use it bi-weekly for a smooth, clear, and radiant complexion. Embrace the ancient beauty rituals of the Moroccan Hammam with this Kessa Glove today. Crafted from a unique, silicone-free, 100% Viscose blend, it is gentle yet effective on delicate skin, easy to clean, and can be hung to dry. Opt for this traditional and long-lasting Hammam exfoliating glove to refine skin and boost the effectiveness of skincare products. Fitting all hand sizes, its material stretches for a snug fit. Discover the essence of Moroccan beauty with the Kessa Glove from Casablanca Souk.