Become a Seller

What sets HANOUTY Marketplace apart is the ability to enhance communities by bringing Sellers and Buyers together. Benefits include:

  • You have already an established online store, or you just start thinking selling online, we are here to help you.

  • As a Small Business owner, you can set-up your online store quickly and easily, and also have support from HANOUTY team

  • We offer you an order management platform with automated communications to you and your customers

  • Customers can shop your products from different channels: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Shop App, and HANOUTY Mobile App (coming soon)

  • Products can be sold for pick-up, shipping or local delivery within your preferred perimeters.

  • Businesses with a website can set up a store and have their products link too their own website.

  • Business owners are able to manage and edit their own store and products.

  • Products will be advertised through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Paid Emails campaigns to +4000 existing customers (and growing)

  • Store URLs can be shared for social media and marketing

  • Customer reviews are available on your store profile to build reputation and community trust

  • Automatic email reminders to customers that have open or incomplete orders

  • Our Fees are commission on sales, rate is from 10 to 15%, this includes payment Gateway, platforms fees, advertising and management fees. 

GST/HST/VAT : Is in addition to Transaction and Subscription Fees and will be collected per Canadian and Ontario tax regulations