Become a Seller

What sets HANOUTY Marketplace apart is the ability to enhance communities by bringing Sellers and Buyers together. Benefits include:

  • You have already an established online store, or you just start thinking selling online, we are here to help you.

  • As a Small Business owner, you can set-up your online store quickly and easily, and also have support from HANOUTY team

  • We offer you an order management platform with automated communications to you and your customers

  • Customers can shop your products from different channels: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Shop and Mobile App (iOS and Android - coming soon)

  • Products can be sold for pick-up, shipping or local delivery within your preferred perimeters.

  • Businesses with a website can set up a store and have their products link too their own website.  (Membership - Coming soon)

  • Business owners are able to manage and edit their own store and products.

  • Products will be advertised through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Paid Emails campaigns to +3000 existing customers (and growing)

  • Store URLs can be shared for social media and marketing

  • Customer reviews are available on your store profile to build reputation and community trust

  • Automatic email reminders to customers that have open or incomplete orders

  • Our Fees are commission on sales, rate is 13.8% and breakdown is explained below:

Payment Gateway:

This is the cost of payment transaction, paid to the gateway provider; we offer payment through all major cards and through PayPal. Customers can shop in CAD or USD



Platforms Fees:

This is the cost of all the platforms used to sell and manage orders (Website, Domain, Seller Dashboard, Mobile Apps iOS and Android)




Featuring products to boost sales. Including but not limited: Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, Paid Emails, Influencers... 



HANOUTY Marketplace Fees







GST/HST/VAT : Is in addition to Transaction and Subscription Fees and will be collected per Canadian and Ontario tax regulations

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